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St. James’ Camera Club Meeting, September, 8

The next meeting of the St. James’ Camera Club is September, 8 at 7:00pm.

CLICK HERE  for The St. James’ Camera Club website

      The St. James’ Camera Club meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the St. James’ Parish Hall from 7:00 pm to around 9:00 pm.  All are welcome.  

All levels of experience are welcome.  Visit us on Flickr CLICK HERE,  for St. James’ Camera Club Photos.

New members are always welcome! Sign-up on the website (link above).

Please bring  photos on a disk or card or print out to show at the meeting.  Don’t forget to bring your photo questions also. Photographer’s Night.  Any member who wishes to show their images on disc or jump drive as a slide show or printed images, from a vacation or their back yard is welcome to sign up. As many images as you want. A half hour will be set aside for these presentations Stay posted for field trips

  • Learn to take good photos!
  • Sharpen and expand your photography.
  • Learn more about your camera.
  • Members enjoy photography and taking photos.
  • Learn new techniques to take better pictures.
  • Participate in fun field trips with other members of the club.
  • Learn more about photographic composition and content.
  • Group critiques are extremely educational.
  • Enhance your pictures taken on vacation.

We are open to everyone. Membership is $12.00 a year. Contact: John Strobl at 294-9004.

The Photographer’s Prayer

God, as I bring my subject into focus and prepare to make each picture, never let me forget that I am creating treasures for others as well as myself.
Help me, O Lord to be a artist, collecting the beauty of every soul. Give me the perspective to see my Photographer’s art as a service to others making life richer and more memorable.
And, Dear Lord, between the lights and the shadows, the ups and downs, and the rolling years, keep me from getting out of focus or off-center so that my life’s work may be framed with dignity and colored with contentment. Amen

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