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Goshen Ecumenical Food Pantry Inc. February, 14

January, 14 is our next Saturday distribution.  Please arrive around 9:00am to lend a helping hand. 

The Goshen Ecumenical Pantry Inc.  Housed in the Goshen First Presbyterian Church at 33 Park Place, Goshen, hands our food to Goshen residents, on the second Saturday of each month from 9:30am to 10:30am. 

Goshen Ecumenical Pantry Inc @ The Goshen First Presbyterian Church, 33 Park Place, Goshen, New York 10924. Church Phone # 294-7991 or info at 294-9004.


The Goshen Ecumenical Pantry, Inc. a non-profit 501 (c)(3) Charitable organization, was incorporated in 1993 is comprised of volunteers from local area Goshen Churches and Temple as well as concerned individuals from the Goshen community.

The purpose of the Pantry is to promote spirit of benevolence and to advance and preserve the welfare and physical well being of the homeless, needy and poverty stricken by means of administering the collection, transportation and distribution of donated food and food products.

The Pantry is funded through Grants from HPNAP (Hunger Prevention Nutrition Assistance Program of New York), and Shoprite’s Partners in Caring Program, private donations and our Souper Bowl of Caring Fundraiser.

The Pantry distributes food and food products donated primarily by the members of the local Churches and Temple, with additional donations from area School Food Drives, the Scouting for Food Drive and Post Office Food Drive and area Businesses and organizations. We also purchase food thru the Regional Food Bank in Cornwall.

We distribute food to the needy in Goshen on the second Saturday of each month, at the Presbyterian Church Parish Hall at 9:30a.m. – 10:30a.m. We also distribute food to the Northgate Sr. Citizen Center once a month & now on the last Thursday of the month from 6:30pm to 7:15pm. Please arive at 6:00pm to help on the Thursday distribution.

The Goshen Ecumenical Pantry, Inc. will gladly accept donations of non- perishable food items and monetary gifts will be used to purchase additional food items.

How much food will I get? Each month when you shop, we will sign you up in the computer, and give you 2, 3 or 4 bags of pre bagged food. (The number will matter on the makeup of your family composition form). You will also get bread, meats and miscellaneous food, in addition to the pre bagged food. Everyone gets 2 Bags on the Thursday Night distribution.

Where or when do I sign up? Come to the pantry on the 2nd Saturday of the month between 9:30am-10:30a.m. with the required paper work (proof of Goshen residence and proof of each family member) and we will sign you up and give you food.

Donations are ALWAYS welcome! Food Donations: Fresh vegetables, eggs, anything perishable are welcome. These need to be brought to us on or near the time we distribute (2nd Saturday of each month around 9:15am) so they do not spoil. We can always use paper and plastic bags.

Foods to donate are Peanut Butter, Spaghetti Sauce, Jam/Jelly, Tuna Fish, Canned Meals, Macaroni & Cheese, Detergents, Hand Soap, TOILET PAPER, Pancake Mix & Syrup,Rice, Canned Vegetables & Fruits, SOUP, Canned Beans(all types), Pasta, Cake & Brownie Mix, Instant Potatoes, Coffee/Tea/Cocoa, Oatmeal, Puddings, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, etc. Foods can be donated to any Church in Goshen or the Temple in Florida, NY.

We do not want outdated foods, open, rusty or stained cans. In general, if in you wouldn’t eat it, throw it out don’t give it to us. We can’t accept home canned food. We are always looking for help to unload food from the Food Bank pickups, and we could use trucks and drivers to pick up the food at the food bank. Call John Strobl at 294-9004 if you can help or need info.

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