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February 10th, 2020 by John Strobl

Epiphany Season January 6 thru February25. A season of four to nine weeks, from the Feast of the Epiphany (Jan. 6) through the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The length of the season varies according to the date of Easter. The gospel stories of this season describe various events that manifest the divinity of Jesus. The coming of the Magi is celebrated on the Epiphany. The Baptism of our Lord is observed on the Sunday after Epiphany. The gospels for the other Sundays of the Epiphany season describe the wedding at Cana, the calling of the disciples, and various miracles and teachings of Jesus. The Last Sunday after the Epiphany is always devoted to the Transfiguration. Jesus’ identity as the Son of God is dramatically revealed in the Transfiguration gospel, as well as the gospel of the baptism of Christ. We are called to respond to Christ in faith through the showings of his divinity recorded in the gospels of the Epiphany season.

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February 9th, 2020 by John Strobl



Early Christians observed “a season of penitence and fasting” in preparation for the Paschal feast, or Pascha (BCP, pp. 264-265). The season now known as Lent (from an Old English word meaning “spring,” the time of lengthening days) has a long history. Originally, in places where Pascha was celebrated on a Sunday, the Paschal feast followed a fast of up to two days. In the third century this fast was lengthened to six days. Eventually this fast became attached to, or overlapped, another fast of forty days, in imitation of Christ’s fasting in the wilderness. The forty-day fast was especially important for converts to the faith who were preparing for baptism, and for those guilty of notorious sins who were being restored to the Christian assembly. In the western church the forty days of Lent extend from Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday, omitting Sundays. The last three days of Lent are the sacred Triduum of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. Today Lent has reacquired its significance as the final preparation of adult candidates for baptism. Joining with them, all Christians are invited “to the observance of a holy Lent, by self-examination and repentance; by prayer, fasting, and self-denial; and by reading and meditating on God’s holy Word” (BCP, p. 265). 

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February 7th, 2020 by John Strobl

Grit, determination, perseverance. These are the traits, along with the obvious one — holiness — that will be needed to win the 2018 Lent Madness Golden Halo. Based loosely on the NCAA basketball tournament, Lent Madness pits 32 saints against one another in a single-elimination bracket. It is also a wildly popular online devotional designed to help people learn about saints.

Lent Madness began in 2010 as the brainchild of the Rev. Tim Schenck, an Episcopal priest and rector of St. John’s Church in Hingham, Massachusetts. In seeking a fun, engaging way for people to learn about the men and women who make up the church’s calendar of saints, Schenck came up with this unique Lenten devotion. Combining his love of sports with his passion for the lives of the saints, Lent Madness was born on his blog “Clergy Family Confidential.”

Starting in 2012, Schenck partnered with Forward Movement (the same folks that publish Forward Day by Day) executive director the Rev. Scott Gunn, and Lent Madness went viral, reaching over 50,000 people and getting mentioned in everything from the Washington Post to  USA Today, to Sports Illustrated (seriously).

Here’s how it works: on the weekdays of Lent, information is posted at about two different saints. Each pairing remains open for 24 hours as participants read about and then vote to determine which saint moves on to the next round. Sixteen saints make it to the Round of the Saintly Sixteen; eight advance to the Round of the Elate Eight; four make it to the Faithful Four; two to the Championship; and the winner is awarded the coveted Golden Halo.

The first round consists of basic biographical information about each of the 32 saints. Things get a bit more interesting in the subsequent rounds as we offer quotes and quirks, explore legends, and even move into the area of saintly kitsch. It’s fun, it’s informative, it’s the saintly smack down!

This year Lent Madness features an intriguing slate of saints ancient and modern, Biblical and ecclesiastical. The full bracket is online at the Lent Madness website.

This all kicks off on “Ash Thursday,” February 27. To participate, see John Strobl, he will keep score of the brackets.  Cost for a bracket sheet & booklet is $10.00 each. Like that other March tournament, there will be drama and intrigue, upsets and thrashings, last-minute victories and Cinderellas.

How do I Play?

1. Pick up a blank 2020 bracket(s) from John Strobl or print it off the Lent Madness website

2. Fill out your bracket sheet (or as many as you wish) with your picks (be sure to put your name on top!) Make a copy for yourself and submit a copy to John Strobl, the official parish Lent Madness Coordinator with your $10.00 entry fee (per Bracket Sheet & Booklet).  We need all entries by Ash Wednesday February 26.

3. The entry fee will be used for Kitchen Supplies (Pots, Pans etc.).  The final point winner will receive a VALUABLE Lent Madness Prize!!!

4. We will use a “simple” point system to decide the winner. To strike a balance between correctly picking early rounds and correctly guessing the winner, we’ll award 2 points for first round picks, 3 for second round picks, then 5, 8, and 13. This gives a total of 105 possible points, and the possible points from each round are 32, 24, 20, 16, and 13.

5. Our St. James’ Parish winner will be declared after the Golden Halo is awarded.

6. We will have a large bracket posted at St James’ for all to see, and we will list the leaders each Sunday.

Our Lent Madness guarantee: during Lent 2020, you will learn more about Saints, than you have ever known!

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February 5th, 2020 by John Strobl

Click above for Movie Trailer.

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February 5th, 2020 by John Strobl

St. James is hosting the February Community Dinner.

Please help us out with the dinner.

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February 3rd, 2020 by John Strobl

Goshen’s Scouting for Food will be held on Saturday March 14 from 9:30am to 1:00pm. Volunteers for Scouting for Food will start at St. James’ Episcopal Church, 1 St. James Place (across the Street from the Food Pantry) at 9:30am. Needed are drivers & runners to pick up the donated food on various routes. Please call Jeff Albanese, Scouting for Food Coordinator, at 294-0924 for any info about driving & picking up bags. At the same time The Goshen Ecumenical Food Pantry will be doing its 2nd Saturday of the month food distribution at The Goshen 1st Presbyterian Church at 33 Park Place (across the street from St. James’ Episcopal Church). The Food Pantry distribution is from 9:30 to 10:30 am, and volunteers (of any age) are always welcome! Please arrive at 9:00am , for the Food Pantry Distribution If you are available to help between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm, volunteers are needed to sort the food and stock the pantry shelves. Call John Strobl at 294-9004 with any questions about the Food Pantry distribution & shelf stocking. Any groups/individuals are encouraged to assist with this successful food drive.

Please have your Scouting for Food Donation at your front door by 9:30am on March 14. The Goshen Ecumenical Food Pantry Thanks’ You.

The Goshen Ecumenical Pantry Inc. Housed in the Goshen First Presbyterian Church at 33 Park Place, Goshen,distributes food to Goshen residents, on the second Saturday of each month from 9:30am to 10:30am. Please arrive at 9:00am to help on the Saturday distribution, & on the last Thursday of the month from 6:30pm to 7:15pm. Please arrive at 6:00pm to help on the Thursday distribution. The Goshen Ecumenical Pantry Inc. @ The Goshen First Presbyterian Church, 33 Park Place, Goshen, New York 10924. Call John Strobl at 294-9004. Donate at: Or mail a check to the pantry at the adress above. Goshen Ecumenical Pantry, Inc. is the FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN GOSHEN, ST. JAMES’ EPISCOPAL CHURCH, GOSHEN UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, ST. JOHN A.U.M.P. CHURCH, GOSHEN CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH, ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST CHURCH, TEMPLE BETH SHALOM The Goshen Ecumenical Pantry, Inc. a non-profit 501 (c)(3) Charitable organization, was incorporated in 1993 is comprised of volunteers from local area Goshen Churches and Temple as well as concerned individuals from the Goshen community. The purpose of the Pantry is to promote spirit of benevolence and to advance and preserve the welfare and physical well being of the homeless, needy and poverty stricken by means of administering the collection, transportation and distribution of donated food and food products. The Pantry is funded through Grants from HPNAP (Hunger Prevention Nutrition Assistance Program of New York), and Shoprite’s Partners in Caring Program, private donations, the Indy’s Holiday Donation Collection, The Red Door, The Goshen Memoral Post #1708 Inc Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion Goshen Post #377, St. John The Evangelist K of C St. Johns Council #1106, Catholic War Veterans, Rhinebeck Bank, The Hudson Valley Credit Union, The Goshen Seniors Group, Collen McIntosh, Patrick O’Malley, John &Mary Hosking, Francis & Kathleen Phillips, Nancy Prather, Jane Shuback, Sam & Susan Fast, The Goshen Rotary Club, Lego Land, Orange & Rockland, Jim & Bonnie Heslop,Gerrit Overeem (Legion 501) Grout Enterprises Ltd., Dolores Gross, St. James’ Episcopal Church and our Souper Bowl of Caring Fundraiser. The Pantry distributes food and food products donated primarily by the members of the local Churches and Temple, with additional donations from area School Food Drives, the Scouting for Food Drive and Post Office Food Drive, The Lions Club Food Drive,The Goshen Art Walk and area Businesses and organizations. We also purchase food thru the Regional Food Banks in Cornwall & Albany. We distribute food to the needy in Goshen on the second Saturday of each month, at the Presbyterian Church Parish Hall at 9:30a.m. – 10:30a.m. We also distribute food to the Northgate Sr. Citizen Center once a month. The Goshen Ecumenical Pantry, Inc. will gladly accept donations of non- perishable food items and monetary gifts will be used to purchase additional food items. How much food will I get? Each month when you shop, we will sign you up in the computer, and give you 2, 3 or 4 bags of pre bagged food. (The number will matter on the makeup of your family composition form). You will also get bread, meats and miscellaneous food, in addition to the pre bagged food. Everyone gets 2 or 3 Bags on the Thursday Night distribution. Where or when do I sign up? Come to the pantry on the 2nd Saturday of the month between 9:30am-10:30a.m. with the required paper work (proof of Goshen residence and proof of each family member) and we will sign you up and give you food. Donations are ALWAYS welcome! Food Donations: Fresh vegetables, eggs, anything perishable are welcome. These need to be brought to us on or near the time we distribute (2nd Saturday of each month around 9:15am) so they do not spoil. We can always use paper and plastic bags. Foods to donate are Peanut Butter, Spaghetti Sauce, Jam/Jelly, Tuna Fish, Canned Meals, Macaroni & Cheese, Detergents, Hand Soap, TOILET PAPER, Pancake Mix & Syrup, Rice, Canned Vegetables & Fruits, SOUP, Canned Beans(all types), Pasta, Cake & Brownie Mix, Instant Potatoes, Coffee/Tea/Cocoa, Oatmeal, Puddings, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, etc. Foods can be donated to any Church in Goshen or the Temple in Florida, NY. We do not want outdated foods, open, rusty or stained cans. In general, if in you wouldn’t eat it, throw it out don’t give it to us. We can’t accept home canned food. We are always looking for help to unload food from the Food Bank pickups, and we could use trucks and drivers to pick up the food at the food bank. Call John Strobl at 294-9004 if you can help or need info.

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February 2nd, 2020 by John Strobl

Save the Date for The St. James’ Rummage Sale.


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February 1st, 2020 by John Strobl

The calendar (BCP, pp. 15-33) orders the liturgical year of the Episcopal Church by identifying two cycles of feasts and holy days-one dependent upon the movable date of Easter Day and the other dependent upon the fixed date of Christmas, Dec. 25. Easter Day is the first Sunday after the full moon that falls on or after Mar. 21. The sequence of all Sundays in the church year is based on the date of Easter. Tables and rules for finding the date of Easter Day, and other movable feasts and holy days are provided by the BCP, pp. 880-885. The date of Easter determines the beginning of the season of Lent on Ash Wednesday and the date of Pentecost on the fiftieth day of the Easter season. The Sundays of Advent are always the four Sundays before Christmas Day. The church year begins on the first Sunday of Advent. The calendar also identifies and provides directions concerning the precedence and observance of principal feasts, Sundays, holy days (including Feasts of our Lord, other major feasts, and fasts), Days of Special Devotion, and Days of Optional Observance. The calendar lists dates for celebration of major feasts and lesser feasts by month and date. Appropriate Sunday Letters and Golden Numbers are also provided. (see BCP, pp. 880-881). The calendar also lists the titles of the seasons, Sundays, and major holy days observed in the Episcopal Church throughout the church year, including Advent season, Christmas season, Epiphany season, Lenten season, Holy Week, Easter season, the season after Pentecost, holy days, and National Days.

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