Saint James Episcopal Church of Goshen NY

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Liturgical Ministries


Fr. Carl, chairperson

An acolyte is a lay person who assists in worship by carrying the processional cross or crucifix, lighting and extinguishing candles, holding a torch at the reading of the gospel, and assisting the priest and deacon during holy communion.

At the present, St. James has nineteen acolytes. They range in age from students in the sixth grade up to and including high school seniors.

If you are a boy or girl in the sixth grade or older and would like to become an acolyte, just give your name, address, and telephone number to the Parish secretary.

Altar Guild

Marci Hanners, Chairperson

When Jesus visits Martha and Mary, Mary sits at His feet while Martha prepares the supper and cleans the dishes. When Martha complains that Mary is not helping, Jesus explains that there are different types of ministry…by sitting at His feet and learning, Mary pursues her ministry and by preparing the meal and cleaning up afterwards, Martha pursues hers.

The women and men of St. James’ Altar Guild are very much like Martha. Their ministry of service is to take care of the altar, the linens, frontals, vestments and the vessels. The group is divided into five teams who meet each week to set the Lord’s table, preparing the altar according to liturgical season, polishing the brass and silver of the church, and overseeing the ongoing care of the liturgical vestments and appointments.

Two times a year the entire group comes together to clean the interior of the church and decorate for the Christmas and Easter seasons.

If you are interested in this activity, it requires about one hour on Saturday and before and after one service on Sunday once a month.

Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers

St. James’ has a large dedicated group of  Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers. A lector is a person chosen to read the lessons at the Eucharist.

A Eucharistic Minister in the Episcopal Church is a person licensed by the bishop of the diocese to administer the chalice at Holy Communion.  This group meet on a quarterly basis with the Rector to plan the the EM Schedule and to go over details of the liturgy.