September 6th, 2021 by John Strobl

CANCELLED at this Time.

St. James’ provides the coffee, tea, sweeteners, cups , plates, napkins and juice. You need to bring Milk & Half & Half.  If you need any of these items, check the supply cabinet.  Coffee for the entire morning will be made prior to the 9:00am service.  Please make 40 cups of Coffee of each Regular and Decaf (add 2 cups of ground coffee to each pot) and label each pot. Hot water can be made in the silver pot near the stove.


9:00 A.M. Coffee Hour is set up in the hallway between the classrooms (tablecloths are in the cabinet by the freezer).  Platters can be found in the cabinet to the left of the refrigerator.  Serving utensils are found in the drawer under the butcher block.  Any leftovers can be passed on to the 10:30 coffee hour or wrapped and taken home.  Please clean up and put away (not in dish rack) any plates and utensils used.


10:30am Coffee Hour is set up in the Parish Hall by the doors to the kitchen.  Tablecloths are in the cabinet next to the freezer. Feel free to use any platters, plates, and utensils you need.  Verify you have enough Coffee made.  After Coffee Hour, please clean plates, utensils and coffee pots etc. (do not place coffee pots in the sink).  Please clean up tables, counters and empty garbage (garbage goes out on the back porch in cans). Please put everything used away (not in dish rack). Please take all leftovers home or freeze and label them for later use.

Milk & Half & Half can be left.



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