All Services Cancelled at St. James’

Good afternoon Everyone,

I have been hoping I would not have to make this announcement before Christmas. As of today Bishop Dietsche has restricted all services in our Diocese to a ten person limit for worship in anticipation of a renewed suspension of public worship.

The Wardens and I decided with the Bishop’s encouragement to suspend all services at Saint James immediately; there will be no service tomorrow (Wednesday) or Sunday and for the foreseeable future.

I will return to recording the Sunday service on Saturday mornings in time to be posted online and available for you to watch on YouTube on Sunday morning. Since we are allowed to have 10 people present at that service (for now), if you would like to be invited to attend that service on a rotational basis, let me know via email or phone. I will also resume my Wednesday reflections and Noonday prayer.

I realize that this is yet another disappointment to a difficult year; I am just as disappointed as you. We lost Holy Week and Easter in 2020 and now it looks like we are also losing Christmas together. As the bishop points out in his letter (see below) the good news is that the vaccines are coming soon bringing the hope of a light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic. Until then we need to protect and keep each other safe and well until many people can be vaccinated.

In anticipation for Christmas I already ordered the Poinsettias, so you still can place an order (we have not sold out). The Wardens and I will arrange times that you can pick them up at Church.

Last Sunday we began the Angel Tree Outreach for Fearless of Orange County (assisting families of domestic abuse) and are already far enough along in the process to want to finish. If you can, please support this outreach by coming to church on Saturday (11/28) from 9am-12pm to pick up and angel ornament with a request on it, or contact Marci Hanners and she can help you.

I mailed out the Lector Schedule (Dec.-Feb.) yesterday, that schedule is now on hold.

My hope is that Church will reopen again as soon as possible.

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