Reservations for Sunday Services

Reservations for Sunday Services in November

Please read this.

We are now taking Reservations for Sunday Services in November. We can have only 15 people at 9 am and 45 people at 10:30 pm. If you are Scheduled as Lector you and your partner already have a reservation for that day. Carolyn Barnes is coordinating the reservation system. You may choose 2 Sundays a month to attend by contacting Carolyn.

You have 3 options to contact Carolyn:

-email her at

-call or text her at (845) 500-6303

-sign up at church in October for November worship (prior to the beginning of the service) Carolyn will be by the entrance to the worship space.

Please keep track of your reservation times and dates. If you are signed up for a service you can’t attend, please let Carolyn know so she can offer it to someone else.

You can contact Carolyn on Fridays to see if there is a space available on the coming Sunday.

This is NOT a perfect system. It is the best we can do at this time, so I ask you for your patience and cooperation

October 15th, 2020 by