St. James’ Sunday 9 am Service on the front lawn.

We will have our Sunday Service on the front lawn for July and August and September at 9 a.m. In order to worship together again we will have to follow safe practices to avoid the potential spread of any virus. First, if you feel sick, please stay home. And if you have any medical conditions that might make you more vulnerable to the Coronavirus, please consider your risk in attending. The plan for now is to worship outside in July and August to help limit any spread of the virus. In September we will need to move indoors and that will require additional planning. 

Sunday 9 a.m. summer service:

Please bring your own chair (lawn chairs) though we will have a few extras for those who can’t. Everyone will be required to wear a mask (no exceptions as per the Bishop) and to keep to a distance of six feet. We will celebrate Holy Communion; I will bring the consecrated Bread to you if you wish to receive. The consecrated wine will not be administered for the foreseeable future. Masks must be worn throughout the entire service, even after you have adjusted it to consume the bread. We will not be using any Prayer Books or Hymnals; please bring your own if you have one. We will provide a program/bulletin you can take home or deposit at the end of the service to be recycled. Deacon Tom is enlisting soloists to sing at the service since there will be no congregational singing because of the potential spread of germs.  We will not be able to share the peace or move around during the service. The ADA bathroom will be open for your use during the service, otherwise the rest of the Church and the Parish Hall will be closed during the service. We will have no Coffee Hour, but you can certainly visit with each other after the service, keeping social distance. If it is raining the service will be canceled. I will send out an email at 8am on Sunday if the service is to be canceled. I will continue to post the weekly service online for those who cannot attend.

These limitations hopefully will keep everyone safe and offer us the chance to worship together again. Of course this style of worship will not be normal or ideal but is the best plan for moving forward and resuming our congregational life. I ask for everyone’s cooperation as we try to find our way in this period of uncertainty. At some point we will all move beyond the present circumstance but in reality that may be some time away. In the meantime, in a spirit of love, let us exercise patience, support one another, and continue in hope that eventually we will pass through this pandemic. If you have any concerns or questions please call me or one of the Wardens.

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