St. James’ An Appeal for Assistance

St. James’ An Appeal for Assistance


An Appeal for Assistance


Please Help!


Two of our parishioners, Ed Frische and Jackie Bloem, need some assistance with meals while Ed is recovering from knee surgery and Jackie from an unfortunate recent fall.


The need is for some small meals to be prepared (for two people) that can be eaten cold or delivered hot. They currently don’t have access to their microwave or oven.


Examples of some items that would be appreciated:

– Sandwiches (hot or cold)

– Chicken dishes (not too spicy)

– Gift cards to a location that would deliver to their home


We have Wednesday (9/5) and Thursday (9/6) evenings taken care of….but if you can help, please text or call and leave a message with either Jessica Sutton (917-273-7866) or Kathy Martin-Brown (845-699-5582) to discuss which days are available.


The address for drop off is 10 Glen drive, Goshen. To reach Jackie or Ed please call 845-294-6815.


Thank you for your assistance.